Note as you following along in the Drawings you will find vertical and horizontal illustrations these are all on the spiritual side of the universe, from the Earth to Genesis 1:1is VERTICALLY and then from Genesis 1:1 to the Right are horizontal and it is the 3rd Heavens. 

Everything about Redemption and Eternal life is about regeneration in the Body soul and spirit. Titus 3:5

The reason God created a New Creation.

I want to explained the reason God divide and rearranged the Universe and put a new creation and Kingdom in the spiritual side of the Universe.

1-think of the old spiritual creation and universe as an open place with no walls inside dividing the spiritual universe only those of the fallen angels. Like the rulers, the authorities, the world powers, the evil forces of wickedness in the heavens, Ephesians 6:10, spiritual Babylon, Egypt, and the queen of heaven.

The pagan world human spirits is already under the dominion of these evil powers, Ephesians 2:1-2, and Colossians 4:3 and control of by the element forces in the spirit world, those in the secular world do not know that fallen angels have control over their mind and souls and spirits.

2-These are no safe heaven for the spirits and souls even if a person becomes a Christ, because they will still exposed to the works of the fallen angels and the elements forces of this world.

3- So God made a separation in the spiritual side of the Universe so that after a person from the secular world becomes a Christian they can escape from the spiritual corruptions that is in the old creation and find rest and peace in the new creation.

4-God was thinking about our interest and so was Jesus Christ because they know that we had spiritual strongmen and wicked spiritual powers over us, that we could not break free from them, without the blood of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ became a Ransom for us, and also a gift offering on the altar in Heaven to atoned for the sins of Humanity.

5-For this reason we are urge to spiritually enter the kingdom of God Matthew 6:33 so that we can be free from demonic attacks, once our spirit-man enters the kingdom of God we will be find and we will also Grow with spiritual knowledge.

6-even though our body and soul is still in the old creation physically a Christian have to privilege to get set free from spiritual bondages from darkness and be liberated from Satan’s power, as a Christian God< Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit will give you spiritual power to walk in spiritual freedom in the spiritual world far above the heaven (the place that is in circled with the verse Revelation 21:10).

7-now people should not say that God does not love them, God, show His Love through Jesus Christ to all of us, but physically it is not possible to under spiritual things, with your physical intellect it is impossible to truly understand the Love of God for you and your soul, But when you become a spiritual person, God will give you a spiritual intellect and then you will start to understand God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

8-every person must have Faith when they come to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, this is like joining the Army if war brake out you have to go to war so it is with Christianity. We are all already in the enemies spiritual world, but God wants to get our spirit out of this old evil spiritual world, for us to learn this we have to become spiritual, God is a Spirit and He will teach us mysteries and give us revelations as spiritual knowledge all the days of our lives if we walk in His plans and WILL.

I hope these 8 points help you to understand the work of the Cross and the see that Jesus Christ and God, and the Holy Spirit is for you.

But the evil one is against you, in the Bible, the book of ACTS 26:15-18

Paul’s Account of His Conversion and Commission

12-I was traveling to Damascus under these circumstances with authority and a commission from the chief priests.

13-King Agrippa, while on the road at midday, I saw a light from heaven brighter than the sun, shining around me and those traveling with me.

14-We all fell to the ground, and I heard a voice speaking to me in the Hebrew language, ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me? It is hard for you to kick against the goads.’

15-Then I said, ‘Who are You, Lord? ’ “And the Lord replied: ‘I am Jesus, the One you are persecuting.

16-But get up and stand on your feet. For I have appeared to you for this purpose, to appoint you as a servant and a witness of what you have seen and of what I will reveal to you.

17-I will rescue you from the people and from the Gentiles. I now send you to them

18-to open their eyes so they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God, that by faith in Me they may receive forgiveness of sins and a share among those who are sanctified. ( purified souls and spirits)

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Jesus Christ Rearranged the spiritual side of the Universe this took me 22 years to Learn.

I am sharing some insights about the 3rd Heaven in this drawing. it took me 22 years to Learn all of this I am sharing on this website.

This website is about sharing spiritual insights about Redemption and where our spirits must be according to Jesus Christ Matthew 6:33

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Redemption is associated with the 3rd Heavens John 14:1-6.


At the Cross Jesus Christ rearranged the spiritual side of the Universe and the only way to enter the Kingdom of God is by the name of Jesus Christ all the other names does not matter in religions today. only the name of Jesus Christ. and then Jesus will teach you the truth about Eternity and the fall of spirits and man.