A spiritual sight to see people.

when you enter the end of Creation you will see a Picture like this in the spiritual side of the sky.

I don't know where you are in life, but it will take some spiritual transformation, 

signs and wonders and revelations, for you to get in to this realm,

you will need to pray many prayers, grow spiritually and learn to communicate with the Holy Spirit, you will have to be regular with your bible life and let God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit help you to gain spiritual knowledge. Hebrews 6:1, Revelation 2:11,

In this realm when you pray it is released right away you will see a Big City full of Brick buildings under construction for 300 millions of people, this is the prayer for escaping the 2nd Death I do not know spiritually how far you are from this realm, but get here God wants to show you this mighty realm.

for me to enter this realm it took almost 23 years with 10 years of spiritual trials. and 5 years of healing.

in this bottom illustration this realm is at 8X in location and I had to pray to escape the 2nd Death,

if you follow this website please understand you have to become spiritual to see spiritual things in the invisible side of the Universe,

In the Drawing below is some thoughts about where Adam and Eve was spiritually Created and God created them where the x is this realm can only be entered by the spirits of people that are purified, and you will see for yourself the angels with flaming swords. Christians have too many culture and traditions in the world, this is their stumbling block.

share my website with other, who wants to see the deeper things of God, Daniel chapter one talks about the right food, stop eating meat with blood in it, while you are saved God expects you to escape the 2nd Death, this is how heaven works. 1265/10/13/22

About your website

Jesus Christ Rearranged the spiritual side of the Universe this took me 22 years to Learn.

I am sharing some insights about the 3rd Heaven in this drawing. it took me 22 years to Learn all of this I am sharing on this website.

This website is about sharing spiritual insights about Redemption and where our spirits must be according to Jesus Christ Matthew 6:33

Book mark this website for your learning of Redemption, Let the Holy Spirit help you.

You will have to see many things in the 3rd Heavens this is where the kingdom of God is for the spirits of Christians.

at x7 is where every Christian spirit need to end up before they die this is a place of revelations,

hello if you can help me to promote this Gospel to the millions that need more spiritual understanding by buying my books at https://spiritmanworld.com it will be great thanks, 

Redemption is associated with the 3rd Heavens John 14:1-6.


At the Cross Jesus Christ rearranged the spiritual side of the Universe and the only way to enter the Kingdom of God is by the name of Jesus Christ all the other names does not matter in religions today. only the name of Jesus Christ. and then Jesus will teach you the truth about Eternity and the fall of spirits and man.