Signs before and after Revelation 20:6 is fulfilled.

Considering you have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit Titus 3:5, and you have grown spiritually and that you have spiritual fellowship with God, these are some spiritual signs before and after this Verse of scripture is fulfilled as a Christian, Revelation 20:6.

Between X 2 and X 6 there are some trials a Christian have to go through to enter X 7. I don't know what kind of spirits you will encounter but the Holy Spirit will help you with spiritual understanding.

You will have to over come skeleton spirits,

invisible spirits,

spiritual darkness,

you will see spiritual rivers with blue and black waters,

you will see new spiritual roads, in all your dreams it must look like mid-day, Isaiah chapter 58, (no night in your Dreams)

you will see eons, goddess and gods, new heaven and new earth, the spirit-man Jesus Christ, the outer darkness, and then the spirit with 2 little horns that looks bluish, male spirit with 4 hands, a big tiger,

Angels with Flaming swords, male and female

after you see the spirit with 2 little horns, you will know at that moment that Revelation 20:6 is fulfilled in your life.

however by this point and time in your life you should have more than 10 years of spiritual knowledge and understanding about redemption and Salvation and the 3rd Heavens.

And after that you will see pastry school, pastry, food venders, new papers, this is all happening spiritually.

Note: I was Born again spiritually in the Underworld in the year 2000 so it took me 22 years and 7 months to get delivered from the 2nd death, this is in 2022 of July 24th.

make sure you are Learning spiritual things in the 3rd heavens.

About your website

Jesus Christ Rearranged the spiritual side of the Universe this took me 22 years to Learn.

I am sharing some insights about the 3rd Heaven in this drawing. it took me 22 years to Learn all of this I am sharing on this website.

This website is about sharing spiritual insights about Redemption and where our spirits must be according to Jesus Christ Matthew 6:33

Book mark this website for your learning of Redemption, Let the Holy Spirit help you.

You will have to see many things in the 3rd Heavens this is where the kingdom of God is for the spirits of Christians.

at x7 is where every Christian spirit need to end up before they die this is a place of revelations,

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Redemption is associated with the 3rd Heavens John 14:1-6.


At the Cross Jesus Christ rearranged the spiritual side of the Universe and the only way to enter the Kingdom of God is by the name of Jesus Christ all the other names does not matter in religions today. only the name of Jesus Christ. and then Jesus will teach you the truth about Eternity and the fall of spirits and man.